Green Diamond Sand Products is currently making its name in the industrial minerals industry. With significant growth in the Abrasive, Foundry, and Roofing industries, Green Diamond sand's also beginning to see significant growth in many other industries as well. Currently our company produces over 40 different products for different industries located throughout the United States and various parts of the world.

With most industries increasing their environmental consciousness we have began to see the phasing out of silica-type products and the replacement of them with new varieties that are recyclable and environmentally safe. This is where Green Diamond Sand Products has seen its niche in most industries because it is environmentally safe and is recyclable.

Green Diamond's sands contain no free silica, eliminating the risk of respiratory silicosis, making this a product that is safe for those who handle it. Our products are also proven to be environmentally safe. This combined with its inherent properties of hardness and durability makes Green Diamond's sand one that will not only perform well but will also treat you, your employees, and the environment in a safe healthy manner.