Green Diamond's construction sand is one of the leading bedding and drainage sands on the market today. Our Construction Sand has also made it's niche in the chip seal industry for the resurfacing of roads. It is likely that if you are driving on a country road in Southern Oregon you are driving on Green Diamond chip seal aggregate.

Green Diamond Construction Sands:

Contain no free silica, eliminating the risk of silicosis.

Approved to be environmentally safe.

Moisture free - will not pack or absorb moisture.

Construction Sand:

Angular to Sub-Angular in shape provides superior drainage

Chip Seal Material:

Greater bonding strength.

Longer life cycle for road surface.

Uniformity in particle size.

Less oil consumption.

Reduces windshield breakage.

Sanding Material:

Angular to Sub-Angular in shape producing greater grip and traction.

Uniformity in particle size.

Sizes and Applications:

Construction Sand - Pipe beddings

Chip Seal - Resurfacing roads

Sanding - Winter road sanding, Rail Road track sanding

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