With a product that consistently shows growth in current industries, Green Diamond continues to look to the future of this product. Currently Green Diamond is looking into several new industries and is finding that our sand can be used in numerous applications such as waterjet, and lost foam.

Water Jet.

Green Diamond's inherent properties of hardness and durability, sharp angular edges and also the consistency to produce specific sizing make it a growing competitor for water jet cutting abrasive.

Lost Foam.

Lost foam is a growing process in the foundry industry. This process takes a foam mold of the product suspending it in a mold box and filling with sand, compacted by vibration. When the metal is poured the foam evaporates leaving a clean quality casting. Green Diamond's success in the foundry industry has brought out many key characteristics that will make it a quality sand for the lost foam process such as its compactability and its supreme shake out leaving castings clean and smooth.