Green Diamond Roofing Granules are commonly used as a headlap and backing sand in the production of asphalt shingles. Using Green Diamond granules as a headlap reduces manufacturing costs by decreasing the usage of expensive colored granules. When used as a backing sand it's consistent size allows for exceptional coverage and absorption.

Green Diamond Roofing Granules:

Contain no free silica, eliminating the risk of silicosis.

Approved to be environmentally safe.

Moisture free - will not pack or absorb moisture.

Sub-Angular in shape to help with bonding in the production of asphalt shingles.

Consistent in size and shape of all granules.

Extensively tested in the roofing industry for the measurement of translucency of rock used to make roofing granules. Tests show <2% transmission.

Low knife wear.

High specific gravity displaces asphalt.

Copies of all laboratory and certification tests are available upon request.

Sizes and Applications:

RG-11 - Headlap for 3 tab shingles, build up for laminates

+60 - Light backing for 3 tab shingles and laminates

Roll Products - Blending sizes available upon request

Blends - Contact us for product sizing and blending recommendations

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